hugelkultur and strawbale kitchens

This last weekend was International Permaculture Day (May 5th) so Tony and I decided to celebrate by offering our hands at two events. It was inspiring and informative. Our first stop was Sky Mountain Institute, where we helped a new family in the neighborhood start a garden using permaculture practices. We built a hugelkultur bed and a eucaylptus trellis. Hugelkultur is a popular permaculture method of building a mound of logs, organic matter and soil to create a self-watering, self-reliant garden bed that decomposes to slowly release nutrients and hold water like a sponge to support your plants. It is easy to build and very low maintenance. Check out Paul Wheaton’s article on hugelkultur here, and his short video here for some fabulous information.

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Strawbale Building Work Party

Shaping bales with an electric chainsaw

Shaping bales with an electric chainsaw

Hello, Tony here! This past weekend Emily and I had the pleasure of attending a work party at a developing site. We heard about the event through a fellow named Erik, whom we met at the San Diego Permaculture convergence. He was filming the whole shebang, and hopefully that footage will be available in time. This guy is a big personality, and seems to have some big dreams for Permaculture and changing his corner of the world in southern California. It is exciting when talking with him, because change just seems so DO-able. He is one who has the energy, the ideas, and perhaps most importantly, a huge web of personal and professional friends. More and more often I am seeing that it takes people working together to get great things done. Eric was able to wrangle Emily and I, and about 35 other folks into attending this Strawbale party over the course of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Continue reading