more photos from our Mastodon summer

Now that it is winter, I thought I would post photos from the summer. We certainly didn’t have much time for posting on blogs when there were tomatoes to harvest, but now that the snow is flying we have a little time on our hands. I (Emily) am leaving for Europe in about a week for a couple of months to work on a few small organic farms in the UK with my sister and niece. Before it is too late I’d like to share some of the lessons we learned from this last summer. I spent a number of days making detailed records of each enterprise we had this summer and came up with some numbers that I’d like to share with you all. But first, here are some photos!


our tomato tunnel

Here is our tomato tunnel in full swing! We could hardly keep up with the harvesting and many of the tomatoes ended up as animal feed. We had always wanted to have too many tomatoes and it was fantastic! We were able to can to our hearts content, sell tomatoes at a reasonable price (well, a little too reasonable), and eat them for weeks!

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summertime at Mastodon Valley Farm

our first Farmer's Market as vendors

our first Farmer’s Market as vendors

Hello again, from Wisconsin! It is summertime now, but the weather has been relatively mild lately (which is wonderful!).¬†We’ve been staying busy on Mastodon Valley Farm, and time is passing quickly. So, what’s new?

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Mastodon Valley Farm: the first 5 weeks

Hello! I am writing to you from the comfort of the air-conditioned library in Viola, Wisconsin, just a few miles away from Mastodon Valley Farm, our current home. The days have been getting intensely hot lately so we have opted to hide in the afternoons. Time has sure escaped us and we’ve been here just over 5 weeks now. Before too much time passes, I want to share some of our recent happenings. I will highlight a few things from each week:


our first batch of Freedom Ranger chicks

our first batch of Freedom Ranger chicks

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