Mastodon Valley Farm: the first 5 weeks

Hello! I am writing to you from the comfort of the air-conditioned library in Viola, Wisconsin, just a few miles away from Mastodon Valley Farm, our current home. The days have been getting intensely hot lately so we have opted to hide in the afternoons. Time has sure escaped us and we’ve been here just over 5 weeks now. Before too much time passes, I want to share some of our recent happenings. I will highlight a few things from each week:


our first batch of Freedom Ranger chicks

our first batch of Freedom Ranger chicks

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our winter home: a Rocket Mass Heater in a Tipi in Montana

our winter home: a Rocket Mass Heater in a Tipi in Montana

It has been far too long since our last blog post. We have not been lazy. Once the government shut down October 1, we packed overnight and headed out to Paul Wheaton’s land near Missoula in Montana. We will be spending the winter here, and possibly longer. And there have been many projects. We have helped build the first ever “wofati” (more on that later), attended workshops on building rocket mass heaters and slaughtering, butchering, curing and cooking pork, and are now trying to finish our winter home: a cob rocket mass heater in a tipi before it snows too much. We have a thread at where we have been updating our progress with photos. If you are interested check it out, and we will try to post more often now that winter is approaching.

arrival in Wyoming: beginnings of our new makeshift homestead

Almost immediately after the March Against Monsanto last week, Tony and I set off for the hills in our packed Tercel for the summer. There were almost 3000 of us marching through downtown San Diego. Tony will be giving an update on our experience there soon. A little over 24 hours later we had keys to our cabin in Grand Teton National Park. We have put in our first week of work, and are gradually building our “homestead”. My little egg carton starts traveled on the dashboard with us all the way to Wyoming:


leaving the city

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