new bikes and plans for the winter

Tony and I have been visiting his family and friends in Wisconsin for the last month, and we will soon be heading to San Diego to spend time with my family. We have had time to reevaluate our goals, and set new ones. We left Wheaton Labs, after almost a year living in the Tipi,¬†and spent a couple of months traveling in the Canadian Rockies and central Idaho where we felt inspired to get serious about our plans to start a farm. We are still unsure of where we’d like to live, but in the meantime realize that we can cooperate with existing farmers and start our own small farming enterprises. We plan to spend this coming winter on a farm to develop these ideas.

One of our thoughts has been to go on a long bicycle tour to visit any potential place to set roots, and to visit other small farmers. So this last spring we decided to buy nice bikes: Surly Ogres:

our new bikes on the back of the tercel

our new bikes on the back of the tercel

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our winter home: a Rocket Mass Heater in a Tipi in Montana

our winter home: a Rocket Mass Heater in a Tipi in Montana

It has been far too long since our last blog post. We have not been lazy. Once the government shut down October 1, we packed overnight and headed out to Paul Wheaton’s land near Missoula in Montana. We will be spending the winter here, and possibly longer. And there have been many projects. We have helped build the first ever “wofati” (more on that later), attended workshops on building rocket mass heaters and slaughtering, butchering, curing and cooking pork, and are now trying to finish our winter home: a cob rocket mass heater in a tipi before it snows too much. We have a thread at where we have been updating our progress with photos. If you are interested check it out, and we will try to post more often now that winter is approaching.