the McMinnville Farm Fest 2015

Today we attended the 2015 McMinnville Farm Fest and Draft Horse Competition. We learned about spinning wool, blacksmithing, horseshoeing, milling, and plowing with draft horses. It was an enjoyable day and we wanted to share a few photos:


the greeter


Kelsey and Eloise


cowgirl boots and horseshoes


horseshoes in a forge


hot horseshoe


shaping the shoe


fitting the shoe on the hoof


nailing it in


ca. 1900 De Loach Sawmill


capable of producing 2,000 to 15,000 board feet per day


lots of fancy gears




a team of draft horses

To find out more, visit the Yamhill County Historical Society and Museum website.

2 thoughts on “the McMinnville Farm Fest 2015

  1. Really enjoyed this article! It was my Dad’s lfe, except, his life had less technology… He was a Homesteader in Canada, farmed, had horses, was a black smith, sawed lumber,and a really good mechanic…Part of his life did take place back in the States, which is what I remember…

    • Lotus, thank you for sharing! Your dad lived a life similar to what we seek. Tony has been studying blacksmithing over the last year and would like to learn many of these traditional crafts. We greatly appreciate the generations before us, who have paved the way and have an incredible amount of wisdom and knowledge to share.

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