Permaculture Voices Conference #2 is fast approaching


We wanted to put a quick plug in for the Permaculture Voices Conference, which will be held in San Diego March 4-8. Last year, Tony and I attended the first annual conference and were blown away with the quality, inspiration, and information we gained in 4 quick days. We heard talks from people like Michael Pollan, Geoff Lawton, Allan Savory, Joel Salatin, and Willie Smits, among dozens of others. We were incredibly inspired and walked away ready to change the world by permaculturing a midwestern corn field, or greening some desert somewhere. Of course, in reality we’d like to settle near some mountains and in trees but the information we gleaned about properly managing animals, soil health, setting up a small dairy or starting our own business was well worth the investment. Perhaps the most inspiration we’ve taken away from last year’s conference, and Diego Footer’s podcasts (which are well worth your time, by the way, and found here) is our motivation to get serious about our goal to start a farm by thinking realistically about the business end of farming. This certainly isn’t why most people are attracted to farming, but we also know that we would eventually like to make a living doing it and believe that within permaculture, there is endless value to provide to communities of people. This winter we are working on our business plans for our hypothetical farm some day and have decided that attending the conference again this year is well worth the investment. The focus this year will be on creating permaculture businesses, and the speakers will be people who have had real life experience successfully building their farms and farm enterprises.

Here is an excerpt from the Permaculture Voices website:

“If you could solve some of the world’s problems with permaculture and earn a living in the process, would you do that?

Most people would, but most people think that it isn’t possible.

It is possible and there are a lot of people doing it. 

And a lot of those people will be presenting at The Permaculture Voices 2015 Conference including Mark Shepard, Stefan Sobkowiak, Jean-Martin Fortier, and many more.

Permaculture Voices 2015 will heavily focus on permaculture based businesses from real life practitioners who will be talking about what works and what doesn’t. Conference tickets are on sale now and scholarships are available.

At Permaculture Voices 2015 attendees will have the opportunity to:

  • Gain new perspectives – What are other people doing in business that you could do, and how could you do it?
  • Identify new opportunities – What problems are out there that need solving and how can you solve them?
  • See successful business models – What’s being done outside your bio-region that you could do in your bio-region?
  • Build a support network – Connect with people who can help support, finance, and build your business.
  • Learn practical skills that can help you run your business more efficiently and profitably from someone who has already done it.

If you are thinking about coming, get your ticket while you can.  

You won’t regret it.”

In addition, here is the current schedule:







If anyone is interested in attending the conference, the scholarship pricing will end on February 8th — in 3 days! And further if anyone decides to buy a ticket, be sure to use our affiliate link here: buy PV2 ticket

In any case, we will post the highlights from the conference this year and try to share as much as we can.

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