arrival in Wyoming: beginnings of our new makeshift homestead

Almost immediately after the March Against Monsanto last week, Tony and I set off for the hills in our packed Tercel for the summer. There were almost 3000 of us marching through downtown San Diego. Tony will be giving an update on our experience there soon. A little over 24 hours later we had keys to our cabin in Grand Teton National Park. We have put in our first week of work, and are gradually building our “homestead”. My little egg carton starts traveled on the dashboard with us all the way to Wyoming:


leaving the city


through the countryside


all the way to Jackson


into Grand Teton National Park


and onto the windowsill in our cabin

I even did a little gardening in the car: mulching with eggshells and carrot scraps:


car gardening

Our cabin is less than ideal for stealth gardening. We live in a circle with 20 other cabins so nothing can be hidden. The biggest concerns with gardening in a national park are attracting wildlife and introducing “invasive species”. I believe food should be grown everywhere. It’s the animals that become a problem. We have scattered some native edible seeds around, and started a dozen more egg carton seedling starts:


egg carton starts

We also visited the local nursery and picked up some biodynamic bok choi and summer squash seedlings that we hope will make it:



We have seedlings on every windowsill, but find it frustrating that there is only one small window on the south (sunniest) side of our cabin. Although I won’t be able to have an extensive container garden on my porch we haven’t given up, and plan to have some outdoor hanging plants with flowers and edibles mixed. I will keep containers on all windows as well. Some of our coworkers also live in a house with a large grrenhouse so we stopped by this morning and put some of our plants in there. Somehow, we will grow some food this summer. I’ve already got a full pallet of leafy greens sprouting. If anything, we will grow salad this summer.

On another note, I picked up a copy of “Edible and Medicinal Plants of the Rockies” by Linda Kershaw the first day and am excited about doing as much foraging as I can this summer. There are a lot of dandelions, which are basically super plants that are completely edible. Mushrooms should be popping up even now with all the rain we’ve had, and the berries should be phenomenal in a couple months. So with foraging, stealth gardening, and our CSA membership, we should be eating plenty of veggies this summer.

We picked up our 50 lb bags of white and wheat flours, sugar, and 25 lbs of brown rice the first weekend. Buying dry goods in bulk will save us a chunk of money this summer.

We also have the materials to start our vermicomposting bin. Today we’ll pick up some red worms.

Our kefir grains survived the journey and are happily sitting in sugar water on top of the fridge. We have cultured our first batch of yogurt and started some sprouts.

Tony is planning to build a small rocket stove as another project.

We will keep you updated with our progress!

3 thoughts on “arrival in Wyoming: beginnings of our new makeshift homestead

  1. I absolutely love the pics of your traveling seedlings! So cute! Looking forward to seeing how your garden turns out. =)

  2. ET we MISS YOU TWO!!!! so great to see all the babies made it to their new home and hope you are enjoying all the PEACE and beauty that surrounds you. Thank you for being stewards of ALL LIFE!

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