becoming debt-free by downsizing

As a continuation of the last post, I want to share a couple of resources I found. Check out this short article: The key to wealth: Stop acting rich

“Debt destroys and savings liberates” is the mantra of this author’s article. I have been trying to live this way for a few years, but it seems to sink in deeper with time. Downsizing my storage unit is a step in the right direction, but more than that is must be a mindset that embraces experiences above possessions.

The goal of this blog is in many ways to minimize reliance on corporations or products, and be able to do things on our own using recycleables and reused items. And taking things from antique stores like crosscut saws and cast iron skillets, make them new again, and be able to use them for the rest of our lives and pass them down to our children. Many items these days are cheaply made with “planned obsolescence” in mind (designing things to wear out or break so that we will have to buy replacements time after time). Seriously, read about it: planned obsolescence. It is possible to find things that don’t break, and will last forever with proper care and maintenance.

There are many things on the market that we have all been trained to think we need. But usually we don’t. Tony and I have been trying out the “poo-less” method (that is, not using shampoo or conditioner but relying on our bodies natural methods of oiling our hair) and it has been working much better than I thought. In the end, this will save me hundreds if not thousands of dollars in a lifetime of buying hair products I don’t necessarily need. This of course may seem a little crazy to some of you but is just one example of a product that has been developed relatively recently and with the aid of marketing, we have all come to believe that we need it. If you are interested in learning more about the poo-less method, check out this link: poo-less

Just wanted to share the link to this debt-free downsizing article as a continuation of my storage unit thoughts. There is a thread on to discuss the article for anyone who is interested: the key to wealth: stop acting rich thread on

Happy downsizing!

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