nomadic homesteaders

tony and emily

tony and emily

Tony and I are attempting a new life goal: becoming and defining the phrase “nomadic homesteaders” and keeping a blog about it. We are committed to self-reliance and permaculture principles (more on that later), and would like to share our experiments and experiences. We spend a good deal of our time in the wilderness, but also in the kitchen. We move around a lot and often live out of our backpacks or our small Tercel, but wherever we end up we start fermenting, composting, cooking, trying to minimize our lives, and making old thing new again, like yesterday when Tony found a couple old cruddy, rusty cast iron skillets at the local antique store and completely transformed them in a couple of hours. And I have an affinity for crosscut saws. Most people leave them rusty and nail them to their walls, but they can be renewed, sharpened and used again. This week we made batches of hard cider, honey mead, sauerkraut, sourdough, ginger beer, kombucha, kefir water, ice cream and bread. Our goal is to save enough money to buy some land in the next few years so we can begin homesteading, raising animals, and growing all of our food, but in the meantime we are never in one place more than 6 months. We work seasonally for the National Park Service as Wilderness Rangers or Trail Workers in parks like Yellowstone, Yosemite, Denali, and Rocky Mountain in the summertimes. In the winter we find ourselves traveling, hiking, and WWOOFing (volunteering on organic farms) in countries like Nepal, New Zealand, or Panama. Every so often we also enjoy thru-hiking long-distance trails like the Pacific Crest Trail, Continental Divide Trail, or Arizona Trail. Although we have been good about making our food from scratch wherever we end up, and becoming members of CSA’s (Community Supported Agricultures) we want to take our homesteading to a new level by being knowledgeable and equipped enough to set up stealth gardens, worm composting, aquaculture, and whatever else we can think of within days of moving to a new place. We want to travel with seeds we’ve saved from things we’ve grown, and bring live cultures like our sourdough starter and kefir grains. We want to learn to be uber resourceful, and able to find a load of glass jars to use for fermenting, and materials to build a container garden when we first move somewhere. We will be moving to Grand Teton National Park at the end of next month and are beginning to plot ways to transform into nomadic homesteaders overnight and share our mistakes and successes with as many people as we can to prove that it is possible to be self-sufficient with small spaces and changing situations. We will use this space to share our plotting and our projects, and hope to create an exchange of ideas to help one another in our quest to live well and small.

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